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Ireland trip in 2010 and new project research

Latest update : 26 June 2009.


For english readers ; this-is a short text for explain to-you this research on a singular story of mix in traditional culture of Irish immigrants and frenchs-canadians musicians in 19e century in old port area of Quebec city in Quebec , Canada.

I live in Portneuf county ; a rural area near Quebec city. My great-great father was a fiddler ; my great-mother played piano and organ ; my father and mother plays accordion ; and i play fiddle , diatonic accordion , tenor banjo and bodhran. And , i love traditional music.

I make a research on a tradition of bodhran in my county bringed in 1820-1830 years by irish immigrants. I collect any information on this heritage and take pics for preserve the spirit of that for nexts generations.

I see on Youtube olds films of Clare county musicians in Ireland that show a similar technique of playing and sounds.

I was trip in Ireland inwinter 2010 for find the origin of our bodhran . But ; i dont see old peoples with ols drums. I used only bus for trip and i was dont able reach olds roads and houses in smalls villages.

I hope go back in winter 2012 and rent a car for trip more easier in country.

If you are interesting by this story ; and you want aid-me ; i search funds for pay partly fees of fly ? Or if you know peoples that want give-me hospitality inIreland ?

I engage-me that give-you report on research and live news on email on trip.

Very thanks for all

My adress is ;

Gaetan Morissette
780 , Notre-Dame street
Portneuf City
Quebec , Canada
G0A 2Z0
418-286-2211( phone)


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